Piazzale Roma

at the bus station in Venice
The bus station in the historic centre of Venice is at Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma

The Venice bus station is at Piazzale Roma next to the Grand Canal. Destinations are the municipal area of Venice (including Mestre), the airports and cities in de region like Chioggia, Adria and Padova. At Piazzale Roma is also a taxi stand and a car parking.

Airport bus – Venice

Two bus companies (ATVO and ACTV) have services from the bus station at Piazzale Roma to Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport. Busses depart from Piazzale Roma. Tickets are sold in the ticket office at Piazzale Roma or from self-service ticket machines.

bus station and grand canal
On the picture is the Grand Canal and a stair leading to Piazzale Roma. The bus station is just a short walk from Santa Lucia train station. Walk along the Grand Canal to the church with the green roof (400m). Cross the Grand Canal on the Scalzi Bridge (in the background). On your left (150m) is Santa Lucia Station. If you don’t want to walk: Piazzale Roma has a boat stop for water buses. It is just one stop to Santa Lucia Train Station (3 minutes).

Cars parks Tronchetto

people mover
Tronchetto is an area just behind the Piazzale Roma (850m). It’s connected to Piazzale Roma by a public transit system (People Mover) and the trip takes 3 minutes. All traffic from the mainland to the historic centre of Venice must cross the Liberty Bridge (5km). Because the historic centre is a pedestrian zone all cars must be parked here. The cheaper car parks are on Tronchetto. The car parks at Piazzale Roma are closer to the centre but more expensive.


The Eurolines buses depart from the station of the People Mover at Tronchetto. The People Mover is an small electric train connecting the cruise port with Piazzale Roma. It makes a stop at Tronchetto. Here are the car parks for the visitors of Venice. The Eurolines buses are a good choice if you travel on a budget and want to travel at night. For example the Eurolines bus in Paris departs at 18.30 in the early evening and arrives in Venice at 14.00.