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waterbus at canal grande, venice italy

Tourism Venice, Italy
The Tourist information office from Venice:
Venezia Marco Polo Aeroporto

Venice is looking for ways to limit the number of tourists. About 60.000 tourists were visiting the city in 2016. Locals get upset. The authorities in Venice are now taking some measures. For example, in social media will be shown the number of tourists in the city centre. The authorities hope that visitors will go to other (more quite) parts of the historical city. Updated maps will show sign to the more quite areas and to public restrooms. If those measures are sufficient can be doubted. In Dubrovnik (Croatia) visitors are turned away when it’s too crowded. Another measure is too limit the number of accommodations for tourists. Several main European cities have the same problems as Venice. Tourists bring in money and jobs but the local people gets it harder (higher prices, crowded shops and restaurants, noise)

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