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Water bus (Vaporetto)

    Water bus in Venice
    The public water bus is the main public transportation service in Venice. Venice's historic centre (5km2) is built on 115 inlets and counts more than 400 bridges. The water bus takes visitors along the main canals into the historic centre, the Lido and the other islands in the Venice Lagoon. There are 28 public water bus lines in Venice. The most popular one is water bus Line 1.

    water bus tickets
    - single ferry ticket (1.25-3): can only be used at line 1
    - single ticket (6,50): valid 60 minutes for all lines
    - tourist travel cards (16-50): valid 12 hours till 7 days
    - 3-day youth card (18): for ages 14-29

    Tickets are sold at ticket windows, from authorised sellers (often newspaper stores) and from self-service automatic machines which are located at embarking points/bus stops. It's also possible to buy a ticket from the boat crew immediately when you board the ferry boat.

    The Tourist Travel Card
    Probably the best choice to buy for tourists. The Tourist Travel Card allows unrestricted use of the ACTV public transport services in Venice, the lagoon islands and mainland. There are more than a dozen different Tourist Travel Cards to choose from: (12hrs, 24hrs, 36hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, 7 days, including/excluding airport travel). For example: the '72 hour Tourist Travel Card + Airport transfer bus return' has a regular price of 39. The '24 hour Tourist Travel Card' has a regular price of 18.

    water taxi Marco Polo Airport
    Private water taxi's (90-100), shared water taxi's (27 p.p) and public water taxi's (13 p.p) also connect Marco Polo Airport to Venice. Tickets are sold in the arriving hall. Visitors have to walk on a walkway to the piers.

    Venice water bus
    water bus on its way through the canals of Venice

    water bus Venice
    Two water busses are embarking at stop 'Ferrovia' (Italian for railroad). This stop is 100 meter from the exit of St.Lucia Train Station.

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