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    train Venice - Vienna
    - There are up to 6 trains (in August 2011) daily to Vienna: 4 day trains and 2 night trains. With the day trains, passengers have to switch trains at least one time. The first part of the journey Venice-Villach (in Austria) is often by autobus. The journey with the autobus takes 3,5 hours. From Villach Central Station, there are EC/IC train's to Vienna. A ticket 2nd class cost $134/138; ticket 1st class is $196.

    The night trains Venice-Vienna:
    - Departure from (Venice Santa Lucia Station at 21.05. Arrival in Vienna Westbahnhof at 8.28 in the morning. Arrival in Vienna Huetteldorf at 8.50

    - Departure Mestre station at 1.30 at night; arrival Vienna Meidling Station at 8.34. Passengers who want to go to Vienna Huetteldorf Station have to take to metro to Vienna Westbahnhof Station. From Westbahnhof is a train to Huetteldorf Station.


    train Venice - Prague
    There are two routes to choose from:
    - Venice - Verona- Munich -Prague. Departure in Venice is 8.58 in the morning. Switch trains in Verona and Munich. Arrival in Prague is 22.54 in the evening.

    - Venice - Villach (Austria) - Vienna - Prague. Departure in Venice is 11.20 in the morning. Switch trains in Villach and Vienna. Arrival in Prague is 04.00 in the middle of the night.


    train Venice - Budapest
    First train to Budapest is the same route as the train Venice-Prague. Difference is the part Vienna-Budapest; the distance to Budapest is shorter as to Prague.

    - Venice - Villach (Austria) - Vienna - Budapest. Departure in Venice is 11.20 in the morning. Switch trains in Villach and Vienna. Arrival in Budapest is 22.57 in the evening.

    - Night train 1: Venice (21.20) - Budapest (10.54 in the morning)
    - Night train 2: Venice (13.34) - Munich (20.25) - Munich (23.40) - Budapest (8.49 in the morning)


    train tickets
    Train tickets can be booked online or at the train station. Link Italian railway is:

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    highspeed train venice santa lucia station
    Eurostar train at Venice, Santa Lucia Station

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