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    train Venice - Milan
    - First train is the regional train from Venice Mestre station at 5.15. Arrival is at 8.45 Milan Lambrate train station. An one-way ticket for the regional train is 17 (25 1st class).

    - The fast train (200km/h) 'Frecciabianca' connects Venice (Santa Lucia/Mestre) - Milan (Central Station) every hour: 5.32, 6.20, 6.58, 7.50, 8.32, 8.58, 10.50, 11.32, 11.50, 12.50, 13.50, 14.20, 14.50, 15.20, 16.50, 17.58, 18.20, 19.02 and the last train is at 19.50. The journey takes between 2h.23min - 2h.35min. A ticket 2nd class cost 32,50; ticket 1st class is 45. A few times the arrival is at Milan Lambrate Station. Also a few times the departure is from Mestre Station only.

    - The Eurocity (EC) to Milan departs from Venice at 16.20 and 17.20. Journey takes 2h.35minutes. Ticket price is 32.50/45.


    train Venice - Rome
    - First train from Venice (Santa Lucia/Mestre) to Rome Termini Station is the highspeed train Frecciargento at 6.27. Other departures to Rome are at: 7.39, 8.27, 9.27, 10.27, 11.27, 12.27, 13.27, 14.27, 15.27, 16.27, 16.43, 17.27, 18.27, 19.27 and last train at 03.11 in the night. The journey with the Frecciargento takes between 3h.28min - 3h.46min. A ticket 2nd class cost 76; fare 1st class is 104.

    - The Intercity (IC) to Rome departs from Venice Santa Lucia at 9.20, 13.07. Journey takes 6h.04min-6h.17min. Ticket price is 45.50/62.

    - There are 3 night trains from Venice to Rome:
    An IC train from Venice Santa Lucia to Rome at 23.30. Arrival in Rome Tiburtina Station at 6.56 in the morning. Fare is 40,50.
    Another EN-train at 3.11 from Mestre Station; arrival Rome Termini Station at 9.15. The third night train is the highspeed train Frecciargento: departure 3.11 from Mestre Station; arrival Rome Termini Station at 5.34. Ticket price for the Frecciargento nighttrain is 75.50/97.50.


    train Venice - Florence
    - First train from Venice (Santa Lucia/Mestre) to Florence Santa Maria Novella Station is the highspeed train Frecciargento at 7.39. Arrival in Florence is at 9.30. Other departure times are allmost the same as the highspeed train Frecciargento from Venice to Rome. The journey takes between 1h.51min - 2h.03min. A single ticket is 43/60. There is only one night train to Florence at 3.11 from Venice Mestre. Ticket cost 24.


    train tickets
    Train tickets can be booked online or at the train station. Advantage of booking online: you can choose your own seats in any carriage and see all availble departures at your computer screen. Buyers must make an account before purchasing tickets. Payment is by creditcard. Train tickets must be printed.
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    highspeed train venice santa lucia station
    Eurostar train at Venice, Santa Lucia Station

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