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    The historic centre of Venice is on an island, connected by the Liberty Bridge (5km) to the mainland. Mestre is a large district of Venice commune on the mainland. About 140.000 inhabitants of Venice live in Mestre; 30.000 people live in Marghera, 30.000 on the Lido island and 60.000 in the historic centre. The advantage of staying in Mestre district is that the hotels are much cheaper than in the historic centre.

    Mestre train station
    Venice Mestre station is one of the busiest railway stations in Italy with 85.000 daily (through)travellers. The address is: Piazzale Favretti 1, 30170 Mestre. The station has facilities for disabled persons such as access ramps, a motorized wheelchair lift and a centre to assist disabled travellers. There is also a McDonald restaurant, a buffet (food/drinks), a tobacconist and a luggage storage.

    The train station is 7 km from St Lucia Station which is the end station of Venice. Near Santa Lucia Station is Piazzale Roma: a square with the Venice bus station and car terminals. The historic centre of Venice is car-free. Sometimes the fast trains between Venice-Milan and Venice-Rome depart/arrive at Mestre station only. Passengers have to take then the local train. The journey between Mestre station and Santa Lucia Station takes about 10 minutes.

    Trains to Mestre train station
    - Frecciabianca: fast train (200km/h) between Milan and Venice
    - Frecciargento: highspeed train (250km/h) between Rome and Venice
    - Eurostar trains
    - Regional trains

    An one-way train ticket from Mestre station to Santa Lucia train station cost about 1. A '72-hour Tourist Card' has a regular price of 33-39 and includes not only the use of the public water buses but also the bus to Mestre. This bus (line 2) stopped at Mestre Station, in front of our Plaza Hotel. Travel time from Mestre train station to the Venice bus station is 12 minutes.

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    Mestre train station train from Venice St Lucia station to Mestre station
    waiting at Mestre station for the local train to St.Lucia station

    Mestre railway station, free picture Wiki from Luca Fascia
    Mestre railway station

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