Hotel Continental in Venice

    hotel continental venice italy
    Hotel Continental. The Scalzi Bridge connect Santa Lucia Station with the historic centre of Venice. The cabin in white/yellow is the stop for the public water bus.

    Location & info
    Hotel Continental is located on the Grand Canal closeby the Scalzi Bridge. It's 300 meter to Santa Lucia train station. The 3-star accommodation has 97 single-, double-, triple- and quadruple rooms. A Double Room including breakfast starts from 102 in march 2015. The restaurant offers Venetian cuisine specialties. Other hotel facilities are the cocktail bar and the terrace with views on the Grand Canal. Free Wifi is in the entire hotel. Cars can be parked at Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto.

    hotel reviews
    Reviews on the internet for the Hotel Continental are good (7.4). Bussines travelers give the accommodation a 6.9. Strongest point is the location on the Grand Canal close to Santa Lucia train station and Piazzale Roma. The public water bus stops at 100m from the hotel. Attractions are easy to reach. Guests were less positive about the bathrooms and the small lift.

    transportation to the hotel
    Most convenient (and most expensive) is the private water taxi from Marco Polo Airport. The hotel has it's own private landing.
    The airport bus (3-5) and land taxi's (35) stops at Piazzale Roma. From here it's 10 minutes walking to the hotel. The ATVO airport bus has luggage space under the bus: in the cheaper ACTV-bus passengers have to take their luggage onboard. From Santa Lucia Station to the hotel is 3 minutes walking.

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