Gondola ride in Venice

    a gondola sailing in grand canal
    Gondola boat sailing through the Grand Canal

    venice gondola price
    The official rates are:
    - 40 minutes - maximum 6 people per gondola (80 per boat)
    - additional 20 minutes (40)
    - from 19.00 to 8.00, 40 minutes, maximum 6 people per gondola (100)
    - additional 20 minutes (50)
    Additional services (like singing) cost extra money. Before you enter the gondola, negotiate the fare and ask how long the ride will be. In reality the prices for a gondola ride are much higher than the official fares. I read about people who paid 90 for 30 minutes. Prices are the highest at busy places as St. Mark Square, Rialto Bridge and the Santa Lucia train station.

    Venice gondola boat

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